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Cantica Bohemica byla svědkem historické události v německé Míšni

Litoměřice / Míšeň - Part of an interesting musical project last weekend in Meissen, Germany became the Women's Chamber Choir Cantica Bohemica from Litoměřice. The local music association held the second year of the two-day festival "Meissen Sound", , where in successive stages in the streets of the historic center of this Saxon town, a total of seven mostly German choirs were introduced.
The culmination was the Sunday afternoon finale, when Messenian residents, tourists and performers witnessed a historic event that Meissen had not known for producing porcelain. All the choirs first presented themselves on the historic square in two songs. Then a common song followed, mixing the bodies between them and creating a symbolic chain. In that, the same melody played on the FrauenKirche church was played on a porcelain chimes, which is located in the tower of the church and is visible from the outside.
It should be noted that Cantica was among the best choirs and was invited to the next year. The event was supported by the Lito- Partner Association with the help of Litoměřice. "Our goal is to develop partnerships between partner cities, and this has helped to that end. Other exchanges between Litoměřice choirs, such as children, are also taking place, "said Mrs. Katerina Vomáčková, a Cantie Bohemica, who was accompanying the choir as a vice-president of the association in Germany.
Miloslava Lanska
AdministraceCantica Bohemica - Ženský komorní sbor z Litoměřic